Dual Coin LLC leverages its enterprise investment platform, Dual Coin Investment, to offer customized investment accounting services to a wide range of global financial institutions.


Benefits include:

Comprehensive services – Offering tailored to meet client-specific needs, including data management, trade and custody operations, derivative operations, production of accounting reports in multiple bases (US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS, statutory, and tax), comprehensive custodian reconciliation and performance measurement.

Leading technology platform – Dual Coin provides one centralized database for trade, position, risk, performance and certain accounting information.

Flexible service offering – Highly automated exception based process, including comprehensive reconciliation and extensive quality control.

Experience and scale – Significant experience supporting custom and complex client requirements, leveraging experience and knowledge throughout the Dual Coin organization.

Regulatory support – Flexibility to address ever-changing client needs including regulatory requirements.


Accounting & investment management

US P&C Insurance Company

Dual Coin acts as a virtual CIO; One platform for investment management and accounting

  • Customized solution including asset allocation, investment management and investment accounting
  • Capital markets expertise
  • State of the art, battle-tested systems
  • High level of client service, coordinated relationship management

Middle office outsourcing & Dual Coin

US Insurance Company

Combination of client and Dual Coin in partnership with separate roles/responsibilities

  • Single, consistent integrated platform aims to provide increased transparency and reduced operational risk
  • High level of client service with coordination of support where possible

Accounting & Dual Coin Risk

Bermuda Re-Insurance Company

One source of data for risk reporting, performance and accounting

  • Facilitated the rapid growth of client’s multi-manager investment portfolio
  • Provided a comprehensive suite of reports that include risk and accounting information
  • Measured performance to gauge added value of external mangers